Claudinho believes Zenit is capable of reaching the Champions League playoffs

Zenit midfielder Claudinho in an interview with SE spoke about his debut in the Champions League.

— Chelsea are your Champions League debut. With what can you compare it? — Claudinho’s question.

— Emotions cannot be described, my dream has come true. As soon as I heard the anthem, goose bumps ran down my spine! Of course, each game is special, webpage but if you compare the sensations, I will say that they were very close to what I experienced in Tokyo, in the Olympic Games finals — so far the most important match of my career. Both that game and the meeting in London will forever remain in my memory as iconic moments of my life.

— Zenit lost, but the fans praised him. Are you happy with how you and the team played?

— In my opinion, we had a very good match, played consistently, could score, lost only in the smallest detail. I think Zenit deserved at least a draw that evening. We need to keep working and progressing, I am sure we are on the right track towards our goal of reaching the playoffs. Yes, we have a difficult group, site but absolutely everything is in our hands.

Zenit lost 0-1 to Chelsea in the first match of the 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group stage. Today, September 29, web page the team from St. Petersburg will play the second round against Malmo. The beginning is at 19.45 (Moscow time).

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